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Is CBD scientifically proven for inflammation?Are there any contraindications?

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Yes, it does reduce the inflammation and so much more!

I got my son from 22 + meds a day to 12 then and seizure free.

When he had surgery no pain medication needed used CBD I got him down to 8 medications.

A person with good health should take 50mg a day.

For my son I started him at 90mg a day raised it every 2 weeks replaced all them meds extracting one at a time slowly cutting down to none. lab tested they have RSO CBD 5,000mg tube amazing 50mg a dose.

They have a disability program out of all the companies i used this was the place to afford it.


Like most natural alternatives, it only has contraindications with certain medications that try to fulfill deficiencies using isolated chemistry. Also those that contain the compound THC in excess can overwhelm receptors in the brain resulting in psychoactive effects, especially for those who are hypersensitive.