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Does anyone else experience severe short term memory problems?

I am a survivor of a TBI, almost 4 months have passed since my incident. It seems as if my memory was not bad when coming out of the hospital but as days go on its becoming worse and worse...quickly. If anyone else has experienced this and has found some way to control it/slow it down/exercise my memory to help please let me know...i think all of us can say that we have gotten fed up with atleast one side effect from our TBI...well i am with this, its affecting my entire life down to gettinh arrested a few nights ago without ANY recollection of what happened leading up to my arrest. Its hard to tell people you really dont remember......but i really do not remember!! Please what did you do without sounding like your losing it??

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So, although I did suffer from short term memory loss for quite a while, and unfortunetly do still on random occasions, one thing I've practiced that helps is daily meditation.  Whether or not meditating can truly target the underlying problem is unknown to me, but it is well known that meditation helps improve memory in general.  So whether or not it cures the underlying problem, at least it should help remove the undesired memory loss symptoms.


I am 2 1/2 years out from severe TBI and memory is my most profound Disability… In many other ways I can cope but when I just don’t know what’s happening everything falls apart. I think what you may be experiencing is now you are becoming aware of a lot more and becoming more normal and you’re noticing how much of your day you are not remembering… Because there is more in it? I have the same experience where I feel like some of my symptoms are more pronounced recently and they were before… And I think it is just because I am awake for a lot more of the day and I’m trying to do a lot more and so I tired myself out… Which is another profound affect is constant fatigue at least for me.I am so sorry that you have join this club but I am glad that you are learning about stuff in a way that is useful I hope


My husband is also 2.5 years out from being diagnosed with TBI. It went undiagnosed for a little over six months because I could not get doctors to listen to me. Something wasn’t right. A neurologist told me he just needs to take a nap every day.  Finally we found a wonderful doctor and my husband has brain injury therapy twice a week. His biggest issue is short term memory loss. The therapies twice a week have slowed it down.