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What does it mean when symptoms are brought on by any kind of impact or vibration?

Just to be clear, this is not while exercising, as I can ride a stationary bike and do deadlifts.  But if I hit a bag, head a soccer ball, try to run, walk above a certain speed, or even sit in a car (because of vibration from the engine), I get mental fatigue, an inability to concentrate which gets worse the more I try, and pulsing veins in my head.  What is going on if the slightest impact or vibration can bring on these symptoms which last days or even longer?

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Senior physical therapist

Answer transcribed from Brightway's interview with Dr. Cristen Gordon (pt.2):


Those symptoms to me sound like a concussion or post-concussion symptoms. Post-concussion can last for a long time and essentially, what that means is the symptoms from the original concussion stay with you for a while, it could be years actually. It could mean that the exercises that you're doing are not intensive enough to trigger the symptoms. Those head impacts triggering the symptoms could mean number one, your brain maybe is still healing. It could be areas of the brain that are still not getting the nutrients that it needs yet in order to be able to sustain those vibrations without getting all of those symptoms. Not knowing all of the health histories behind that question, it may be if this is chronic and it's been going on for a while. Follow up with the neurologist and maybe get an MRI in order to make sure there's not something still going on. Then if there is not something still going on, hopefully, you can get with a physical therapist to work on post-concussive symptoms or all symptoms of traumatic brain injury.