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Once someone can perform a task when asked, how do you enable them to figure out and plan when to do the task?

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Occupational Therapist

This is hard- so you just have to really wait it out. So take like making a sandwich or something. You might have to have hand over hand assistance, verbal cues, repetition, practice, and then decrease the cues. You can also work on seeing what they know first. If you're making a sandwich, have the person work on verbalizing the steps of making a sandwich and see what they know and then kind of take it from there if that doesn't work. Give them the cues for that and if that doesn't work, write out the steps of the activity and then have them tell you what to do first so they can work on sequencing. Also, if you have a patient or someone that's lower level, you can have them work on pictures of making a sandwich by having a picture board or pictures. Having them actually put the pictures in order and then complete the activity makes them go through various steps to see if they can be able to figure it out. I think you just have to kind of see where the person's at initially and let that guide the way that you're going to implement, whether you're going to do cues or whether you're going to do pictures or whether you're going to ask them a question and kind of work your way around that.