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How many weeks, months, or years did it take you to be more independent?

As in.... going to the bathroom by yourself, or feeding yourself, or walking on your own, first words, etc... I know every brain injury is different but I would love to hear from all you ABI/TBI survivors who had to “start over”, as in infancy wise.

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About 6 months for me after being in a coma for 3 weeks. Had to learn how to do everything again. Luckily i was in a good hospital/ rehab environment that had every kind of therapy possible. I still have issues 20 years later, don’t get me wrong, but it does get better, slowly. Best of luck!


I agree every TBI is definitely different. My daughter had her accident 2018 and we are still not very far in recovery. I mean we are making progress, but not how I expected. Mind you we have had several setbacks with insurance, more surgeries since we’ve been home (2/2019). We just had one on 3/19/21 and the shunt is off due to surgery. So backwards we go again, but I know that we will get there. Just continue to have faith.