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Has anyone been through vision therapy?

It has been recommended that my son tries it. He's 5, 5 years since his tbi occurred. It’s still all new to me. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.

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My husband did. We went to a neuro ophthalmologist and he recommended it. They did it at his office. His evaluation showed improvement but he does still have double vision. In 2 weeks we go back to see if he needs new prism glasses and/or more eye therapy.


In comments I saw vision therapy helped but not at what locations. As the two survivors seem to have had improvements, maybe they could share their doctors/location or how they went abour finding a vision therapist.


     Yes, I have been through vision therapy.  You see, one of the consequences of my brain injury is that my left field of vision is missing in both eyes, and I got a pair of glasses that are a big help.  My glasses have a prism on the right lens because there is zone just to the left of center that I cannot see in addition to the far left.  These glasses allow me to see that zone and to look wth both eyes beecause my left eye turns out to make up for my lost left field of vision. I went to my eye doctor's office for vision therapy to learn about my new glasses.


I went for two years. I’d probably still be there if workmen’s comp hadn’t cut it off. Dr said I should still be going but I couldn’t afford it. It helped a lot. At first, it drove me crazy but it helped.


Yeah I had it. My peripheral vision was all screwed up, I could barely see anything, and visual therapy brought back like 90% of it.


Jul 6, 2021

I too have damaged peripheral vision; so superman78, could you please specify what kind of visual therapy you used so that I too may ontain similar 90% recovery? Like what  types of doctors/specialists/organiz did you see to acquire the needed therapy?


Sep 7, 2021

Hi, I too would like to know about what specialists were seen and what the therapy looked like as I have been told there is no therapy following hypoxic injury (my son's). I am really trying to drill down and find out what works and what doesn't.  Has anyone had a cortical vision impairment?   Thanks