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Has anybody had spiritual experiences during the time when your brain injury occurred or afterwards?

I did when I was unconscious and ever since. Just wondering if it happens to anyone else...

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Yes i had encephalitis i was slipping into a coma & my grandfather showed up holding my hand . I only knew him thru photos. He was by my side as they were wheeling me to a scan telling me to read the #s above the door. They lit up as I went by them. Parents told me the # signs weren't lit up.. but they were so so bright and my grandfather never left my side!


My sons accident happened on Christmas Eve 6 years ago. He lay in a coma and minimally conscious state until the following Easter which was also his birthday. He came back to us that day....and has shared so many stories of Heaven and the afterlife with us. Many can not be explained. He spent time with relatives who had passed...knew details about them that he no way could have known.