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What are some things you wish you had known when your survivor first got their injury, or that you learned along the way?

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Every brain injury is different, I mean every everybody's unique. My sister's in her early to mid 50s, so she was relatively young also a runner, so in good shape. But not knowing where she was going to be, and then some of the personality traits, some of the frustrations, the moods and emotional rollercoaster was really hard for all of us. We weren't expecting some of that and then didn't know how to react. Just some anger burst that would come out of nowhere and then it would turn back at the turn of a dime, just go from almost Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll back, and it could could be in a period of a paragraph. Some of that is still there. We try to navigate it and to help help her through. I don't know if she's always aware of it. We try to work with her and try to learn from our approaches.