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Since your tbi has it affected your sex drive?

Seems to me mine has all but disappeared and I wanted to know if I’m alone at this or are there others?

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Yes. Seems to be very common. It can return (mine has) but not as strong as it was before. Its not talked about much as seems to be a taboo subject. As a guy it's something I find really hard to talk about. Telling friends your ol' chap is a bit lifeless just gets you laughed at, so people say nothing. I had fantastic rehab that covered the problem. So I'll pass on the advice I was given.

Be considerate of your lover/partner. Don't expect them to go without just because you don't feel the need. Concentrate on them. Sexual activity, while feeling mundane to you can begin to gain interest again if practiced regular. Concider the parts of your body that do work - hands, mouth. Use toys, porn. Etc don't think of things as wrong or dirty, but as tools. Concentrate on bringing pleasure to your partner. In time your body will start to enjoy this again. 8 years on, and my body isn't perfect, but the urge is there. I even had a daughter after a few years. It takes time. And like everything your body has to relearn, it can be about finding new ways to achieve something instead of doing things the way you did before.

I was 21 when I got my TBI. My sex drive was non existant for 25 years.

Then I had Neuro feedback that helps rebuild your circuits in your brain and relax you.

I also did a big study on how my body worked and did experiments and eventually my sex drive came back.

I was on the pill from age 14 to 21 and on the weekend a friend told me she had been researching the effects of the pill and found a lot of women have lost their sex drive due to the effects of the pill. I have not researched about the pill.

I am 32 years out from my TBI now