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Does anyone else feel like their brain damage got better and then started getting worse again?

Sometimes I feel really normal. Sometimes I feel like my brain damage is getting worse.

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Much like the way a baby’s first step may get more praise from its parents than many other firsts, I think ‘big’ early improvements for a TBI patient (standing on their own, walking, learning to speak, eat, and DOING things intentionally and independently, etc.) might seem more important than their many other signs of improvement that reveal themselves in the years to come. Seeing less evidence of improvement might seem like regression but might instead just be indicative of a patient who’s passed the huge initial steps of recovery to now rest in slower recovery stages.

Yes! Some days are good and my thinking is almost normal (what I remember normal to be for me) and the next day it’s foggy again. Rest helps a lot so when I feel “normal” I think my brain is actually working overtime and then we “crash” again.