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Any strategies to cope with someone not believing you can't remember something?

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speech language pathologist

I would most likely want to educate my partner or whoever it is on causes and effects of traumatic brain injury. I have a few groups that I wrote down that would be really good to join - these are on Instagram but I'm sure they're also on Facebook:

  • @lifebeyondbraininjury
  • @brainhealthsummit
  • @thestrokestoryteller
  • @thebrainpossible

They share a lot of TED talks and experiences of surviving brain injury, compensation, making gains, and growing relationships. I would really recommend using something like that.

It’s very difficult to understand an individual's struggles if you're not in their place. It's very difficult to understand - “what does that mean you don't remember?”, “what does that mean you're getting tired and anxious and agitated?”. But I think education is key - reading about it and joining groups and hearing other individuals is a big plus.